Casserole of the Day served with "Butter Me Up" Roll - Wonderful alone or add any side salad from the menu! $6.99

Tea Shop Favorites

Salad Jumble Plate - Scoop of Chicken, Tuna, Egg or Pimento Cheese salad, one ham & cheese scone & crackers with your choice of two side salads.       $9.99  (Gluten Free $10.99)

Hearty Plate - Cup of soup, chips & your choice of sandwich.              (Choice does not include House Specialty Sandwiches) $9.69

Half Hearty - Cup of soup, chips & your choice of half sandwich.         (Choice does not include House Specialty Sandwiches or Wraps) $8.29

Turkey-Ham Melt - Served open faced on Schlabach’s Bread with tomato,  bacon crumbles & a rich cheese sauce. $7.99

Soup of the Day - Just like mom’s! Homemade in Burdett’s kitchen. Please ask your server for today’s selection. Served with crackers.
Cup $3.49    Bowl $4.69

Vicki’s Quiche & Cup of Soup - $8.49
Vicki’s Quiche & Side Salad (Your choice of one side salad) $7.99

Side Salads - $2.99

Waldorf Salad
Pasta Salad
Petite Garden Salad
Broccoli Salad
Frozen Strawberry Salad

Fresh Seasonal Fruit (when available) $3.49

Salads And Such

Fresh Garden Salad - For a smaller appetite…fresh mixed salad greens topped with crisp veggies, served with crackers and your choice of dressing.  $6.49

Courthouse Square Medley Salad - A crisp bed of mixed salad greens with grilled chicken breast strips, apples, craisins & house made Praline Pecans. Topped with crumbled feta & served with Mango Chardonnay Vinaigrette Dressing. $10.99

Chicken -OR- Tuna Salad Salad - A scoop of our homemade chicken or tuna salad served on a bed of mixed greens and crisp veggies sprinkled with cheese, served with crackers & your choice of dressing. (Grilled Chicken Breast may be substituted) $9.99

7th Ave. Chef Salad - Fresh mixed salad greens topped with ham, turkey, cheese, bacon bits, egg & crisp veggies. Served with crackers & your choice of dressing. $10.99

(Add avocado or bacon slices to any salad for $1.49 each)

Salad Dressings: Balsamic, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Italian, Mango Chardonnay, Poppyseed, Ranch, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Thousand Island, Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette
(Extra dressing OR crackers with any order -  $0.59)

House Specialty Sandwiches

The Ultimate BLT - Crisp bacon, tomato, lettuce, SWV Mild White Cheddar cheese or Garden Vegetable cheese, avocado & cucumber slices on toasted Schlabach’s white or wheat bread.  Your choice of side salad makes this plate perfect. $9.69

Sister's Pimento Cheese - Delicious homemade pimento cheese on Schlabach's white bread with chips, pickle & frozen strawberry salad. $8.99

Waldorf Chicken Salad Sandwich - A combination of our chicken salad & waldorf salad served with lettuce on a Grain & Honey Honey Oat Roll.$7.99

Sweetwater Valley - Sliced ham & Sweetwater Valley Mild White Cheddar Cheese served warm on Raisin Bread with Apple Butter and topped with slices of tart Granny Smith Apples. Delicious! $6.99

Red River Reuben - Shaved corned beef, swiss cheese, fresh sauerkraut with Thousand Island Dressing on marbled rye bread. Served with a pickle and chips . $7.99

The Vegetarian - Avocado, cucumber, green pepper, tomatoes with SWV Buttermilk Cheese or Garden Vegetable cheese on your choice of wrap. Served with Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette dressing on the side & garnished with lettuce leaf and pickle spear. $7.99

Ham & Cheese Scone Slider - 2 Ham & Cheese scones served warm with turkey, SWV Mild White Cheddar cheese, and honey mustard on the side with chips and your choice of Side Salad. $9.69  (Gluten Free $11.69)

Sandwiches & Wraps

Served on white or wheat Schlabach's bread, Spinach Herb or Honey Wheat Wrap with your choice of cheese (cheddar, swiss, mild white cheddar, buttermilk, or garden vegetable). $5.49

Black Forest Ham                             Smoked Honey Turkey
Chicken Salad                                    Tuna Salad
Egg Salad                    BLT                 Pimento Cheese

             Add Ons:  Chips   $1.59           Avocado   $1.49
Bacon $1.99 Tomato Slice $0.59
Pickle Spear   $0.59

Children's Plates

(For guests ages 12 and under)

Child's Tea Plate - Bite size ham sandwiches, fresh fruit, cheese, butterfly crackers & two bite size desserts. $6.29

Fruit, Cheese & Crackers - Fresh fruit, cheddar cheese & butterfly crackers. $4.99

PB&J - Creamy peanut butter & strawberry preserves on white bread served with grapes & Gold Fish crackers. $6.49

Tea Plates

Tea for One - Raisin Scone, whipped cream & jam, assorted bite-sized sandwiches, cheese, crackers, fruit, ham & cheese scone & three bite size desserts presented on a two tiered server, served with “Tea for One” pot of tea of your choice. $16.99

Tea for Two - Same as above, but for two presented on a three tiered server, served with a six cup pot of tea of your choice. $29.99

Tea Plate Add On's - Cup of Soup $3.49 per person or Slice of Quiche $5.49 per person

Burdett's Homemade Scones

Made “from scratch” everyday in our kitchen using an old family recipe
Thanks Peggy and Erin!!!

Ham & Cheese Scone - Goes great with soup or salad...or yummy alone. Not as large as the Raisin Scone, so you may need two. $0.99
(Gluten Free $1.99)
Raisin Scone - Our homemade specialty. $2.49
Add on fresh whipped cream and jam/lemon curd for additional cost.

Baker’s Choice Scone - (Changes daily. Please ask your server.) $3.49
Add on fresh whipped cream for additional cost.

Burdett's Homemade Scones contain NO Trans Fats!

All Pricing Subject To Change